Spartans and 49er Faithfuls invade bourbon street 2019

This was right after we beat the Saints.

49ers Invasion Pioneers;)

49ers Invasion, Spartan Niner Empire

We called it, "Takeover" in the old days.

49ers Invasion

Bengals invasion, success!!!


49er Invasion

Longworth Hall Parking Lot, 49er Invasion, Cincinatti 2019

49ers Invasion 101

It takes a village to plan and host a 49ers Invasion weekend.  Starts with looking at the city layout, pick the bars for meet n greets, thoughtfully select the parking lot to tailgate at, draw a map so 49ers Fans know how to find you and figure out who is bringing what for the tailgate party.  Then OVER communicate with the Niner Empire where to meet, what to bring, where to stay and what times. Go Niners!

Planning your 49ers Invasion

When Spartans are hosting a 49ers Invasion, the Takeover Architect (Dave) first looks at the away game stadium from satellite view on Google Maps. This is done to see the lay of the land and parking lot options surrounding the stadium and reveal potential tailgate target areas.  Next he surfs message boards and social media of the opposing fans specifically seeking conversations around tailgating at their stadium game day.  Along with reading the stadium rules for tailgating he triangulates information to determine which parking lot will work best for an Invasion.  After that, he goes back to Google Maps and into "street view" and actually virtually walks the area and takes screen snapshots to use later when communicating with traveling 49er fans on where the party is going to be. THEN.... he reaches out to the host city 49ers Booster Clubs (if there is one in that city/area) and negotiates who can do what. Once the plan has good structure, all clubs involved start communicating to members and 49er fans in general and the 49ers Invasion is on! There's still much more involved like choosing local bars to meet and greet at the day before the game, good hotel locations etc. but this gives the reader a good idea how to get started planning your 49ers Invasion.  

Last tid bit, when it comes to food and drinks, there are many ways to tackle it. We have found that over the years, it's easier to bring enough to share and most 49er Fans are decent enough to bring something for the grill and cooler or chip in a few bucks to make you whole. Selling donation wrist bands like we did in the earlier days gets to be quite the challenge.  We try to keep it simple these days and it works out better for everyone. More focus on yelling Niners in the parking lot and less on fine dinning. ;)