A Spartan Garrison is a 49ers Booster Club that knows what to do on every 49ers First Down!

It's FREE to be a Spartan Garrison

When you become a Spartan Niner Empire Garrison, you keep your  own club identity.  You are just adding the badge/seal Spartan Logo as an addition to your club colors in anyway you want to.  Add it to your shirts, flags, rally towels, anything.  We don't want to replace what's already special about your club, we want to ADD to it:) 

One HUGE benifit of being a Spartan Niner Empire Garrison is that "if you want it" we'll be happy to help you plan your own 49er Invasion in your host city or an NFL city close to you for a 49ers away game takeover.

We STRONGLY recommend each Garrison acquires at least one 49er canopy tent, (2) telescoping 20' Flag Poles and a BBQ:)

Ah OOH! Go Niners!

Contact Us if you want to be a garrison!

Shoot us an email with any questions!

Spartan Niner Empire