Spartan Niner Empire 49er Invasion

49ers Invasion Pioneers!

49ers Invasion Pioneers!

49ers Invasion Pioneers!49ers Invasion Pioneers!49ers Invasion Pioneers!

BANG BANG Niner Gang, e-40

Check out our Spartan Cameo in E-40's Video:) AH OOH~!!!

Spartan Niner Empire, 49er Anthem

Usually we’re driving or flying through the night to get to an away game city early so we can prepare tailgate logistics  for a 49ers Invasion weekend.  This is our 49er Anthem! AH OOH~!

About Us

We Invade Away Games


We plan, communicate and execute an away game, 49ers Invasion, like champs! From the airports to the bars, the streets, hotels, parking lots and eventually into the away game stadium, we're yelling NIIIIIIINERssssss at the top of our lungs all 49ers Invasion weekend long~! Go Niners! Ah Oooh~!

We Honor 49ers History


You'll always find special 49er hardware at our tailgate parties across the Niner Empire. We're damn proud of our team, where we came from and where we're going! You can not host a proper 49ers Invasion without the tools! (well, you also need sweat equity, money, time off from work, spouses permission,  yaddie yaddie :)

We Represent EVERYWHERE!


We war-plan a 49ers Invasion months in advance, nail the details and love to TAILGATE!  During a 49ers Takeover weekend,  when we're in the away game stadium, hotels, bars, city streets  or the parking lots, the opposing fans know it. Go Niners!

Spartans are the 49ers Invasion Kings! Father Sparta, Pedro Torales Ramirez

Pedro Torales Ramirez, "Father Sparta"!

It was a quiet Saturday morning in Georgia, the year was 2013.  My brother Pedro said he needed to stop by and show me something.  He parked at the base of my driveway and walked up the hill wearing a Spartan helmet and carrying a Spartan shield. Immediately I thought for sure the Super Bowl loss earlier that year had traumatized him so much that he felt the need to wear a disguise. But no, that was not the case, upon asking him why the hell he was wearing a halloween costume, he explained what was happening at Candlestick on 49er first downs.  You see, it had been awhile since I traveled back to the Bay to see a home game and did not know the Spartan "Ah Ooh!" chant was a thing, and a BIG thing during home games. 

Later on that year, we found ourselves in a position to create our own 49ers Booster Club in the Atlanta area independent of another we dabbled with and decided the theme would follow Candlesticks footsteps and hence we established the "Spartan Niner Empire".  Thank You Pedro, "Father Sparta", for your brilliant idea to bring a beloved tradition  directly from Candlestick Park and into our hearts, our 49ers Booster Club and it lives on forever.  

Go Niners!

Dave Kahn, 

Spartan Niner Empire CEO

"aaand that's another 49er FIRST DOWN! Ah ooh, Ah ooh, Ah ooh!!!"

More info on "why Spartans" on our members page. Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh! Go Niners!!!

49ers Invasion Roots


January 2013 NFC Championship Game Atlanta, Georgia

"The birthplace of the Away Game parking lot takeover, 49er tailgate party now called a 49ers Invasion."

Tampa Bay 49ers Invasion 2013

Tampa Bay Takeover 2013

Niner Empire Tampa Florida Chapter hosted a bad ass 49ers Invasion on their soil and 49ers Fans invaded and took over THEIR SHIP!!!

Dallas 49er Takeover, 49ers Invasion 2014

Dallas Takeover 2014 made national news!

We flew in Sourdough Sam with the 49ers permission, he tailgated with 300+ of us and Dallas Stadium was a sea of red. Dallas home opener none the less and WE WON!!!

The Beginning

One of the early Away Game TAKEOVER (Invasion) artists.  A Diehard 49er Fan & his wife set up their personal 49ers tailgate party outside the Georgia Dome and something very special happened that day, at the "Yellow Lot", NFC 2012 championship game. They coordinated through social media and message boards and managed to bring 300+ 49er fans to a single tailgate for free and it was an amazing day from sun up to sun down.  Many life long friendships began that day as well as the San Francisco 49ers Invasion movement. 

We are the parents that birthed the 49ers Invasion that day in Georgia, Dave & Bridget Kahn. The rest is history, the 49ers Invasion blueprint is solid, well known and 49ers Booster Clubs all over the Niner Empire host Takeover 49ers Invasions year over year supporting the 49ers "Away from the Bay". 

Go Niners!

This video is that day, 2012 NFC Championship in Atlanta Georgia

49er Invasion Pioneer 49er Diehard Fan, Dave Kahn

49er Invasion Pioneer 49er Diehard Fan, Dave Kahn

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Privacy Policy

We don't sell your info to ANYONE. We are not a legal entity of the 49ers Corporation or the NFL.  We're just a damn proud 49ers Fan Club and an Official Booster Club of the San Francisco Forty Niners.