Spartan Niner Empire Captain, Marlon Allen!

Official San Francisco 49er Booster Club Members

Spartan Niner Empire Members

These Spartans know what to do

on a 49er first down, do you?

  1. Aaron Montell
  2. Adreana Corralejo
  3. Adrian Mason
  4. AJ
  5. Al Jones
  6. Ali Ebrahimi
  7. Alicia Forrest
  8. Alissa Plato
  9. Amber Hill
  10. Anastasio Silva
  11. Anesha Brown
  12. Angela Ellington
  13. Anita Sherrod
  14. Ant Caballero
  15. Anthony Curry
  16. Antoine Williams​
  17. Ashkan Dorodyan
  18. Benin Banx
  19. Benjamin Carter
  20. Brandon Johnston
  21. Bridget Kahn
  22. Brittani Odom​
  23. Bryan Bonner
  24. Calvette Renfroe
  25. Cameron Hiller
  26. Charles Young-Bey
  27. Charlette Nettles
  28. Charlie Hustle
  29. Chris Johnson
  30. Chris Jones "Black Diamond"
  31. Chris Miller
  32. Christopher Marks
  33. Christopher Thompson
  34. Claudio Rodriguez
  35. Corbin Sherrod
  36. Corey Turner
  37. Daniel Gomez
  38. Dannielle Johnson
  39. Danny Ramirez
  40. Darren Sims
  41. Dave Kahn
  42. David Ruffin "Dee"
  43. David SKK King
  44. Dee Butler
  45. Dell G, Officer
  46. Denise Duncan
  47. Derek Wells
  48. Dett Maddox
  49. Divina Gonzales
  50. DJ Eric Hodges
  51. DJ Jose
  52. Don Sharpley
  53. Drika Williams
  54. Earl Adona
  55. Eden Beyene
  56. Ephrim Edwards
  57. Esley Sullivan
  58. Estevan Gastelum
  59. EZ Perez
  60. Fredrick Malone
  61. Freeman Watkins
  62. Gil Cruz
  63. Gilles Schienger
  64. Idris Finch
  65. Jack & Kimberly Britton
  66. Jamahl Carmack
  67. Jamil Williams
  68. Jamil Woods
  69. Jamoda Keomek
  70. Jason Ingram
  71. Jeff Mccarty
  72. Jerry Antram
  73. Jeshaiah Lincoln
  74. Joaquin Morales "RAY"
  75. John Grace
  76. John Pendleton
  77. Joseph Lyons
  78. Joseph Roberts
  79. Josh Burnett
  80. Kalee Sans
  81. Karen Elder
  82. Keisha Linton
  83. Keith Alexander
  84. Kelly Pastor
  85. Kemitashi Austin
  86. Kenyada Knott
  87. Kevin Jones
  88. Larone Green
  89. Latoya Kelly
  90. Latrelle Thomas
  91. Lawrence Peltier
  92. Le Thomas Lee
  93. Lobo Quintana
  94. Louis Walls
  95. Marcello Purnell
  96. Maria Lollie Jarmon
  97. Marlene Doll
  98. Marlon Allen
  99. Marquan Smith
  100. Martin Ellis
  101. Martin Urena
  102. Michael Hall
  103. Michael Henderson
  104. Michael Long
  105. Michelle Delgadillo
  106. Michelle O'Reilly
  107. Michelle Pendleton
  108. Michelle Renteria
  109. Michelle Thapa
  110. Mike Beckmann
  111. Mike Honcho
  112. Mike McCloud
  113. Monica Wise
  114. Monique Belton
  115. Montreal Crawford
  116. Myesha Lewis
  117. NatashaTJBad ​​​Jennings​​
  118. Nate Payne
  119. Naudja Threadgill
  120. Neal Prince
  121. Nicole Rivardo
  122. Niner Cmccarverjr Corleone 
  123. Nita Miller
  124. Nitosha Jenkins
  125. Noble Tyree James Lee
  126. Noel Q Israel
  127. Noel Renteria
  128. Pedro Torales
  129. Pierce Borras
  130. Quay Brown
  131. Quentin Bibbs
  132. Ram Keomek
  133. Randy Knecht
  134. Raquel Collins
  135. Raquel Martin
  136. Raquel Watson
  137. Ray Daugherty
  138. Rebecca Anderson
  139. Reggie Polo Myers
  140. Reginald Johnson
  141. Rene Medina
  142. Robert Anguiano
  143. Robert Barnes
  144. Roland Kendrick
  145. Ron Eaton
  146. Ronnie Crite
  147. Ronnie Forrest
  148. Sandra Linville
  149. Sandy Rodriguez
  150. Scott Parker
  151. Shack Dezel
  152. Shannon Powell
  153. ShaSha Mobley
  154. Sheoashie Johnson
  155. Sherman Carter
  156. Sohail Iqbal
  157. Stephen Box
  158. Subhodaya Karki
  159. Tanya Turner
  160. Terry Mason
  161. Tina Jackson
  162. Todd Tran
  163. Tracee Tran
  164. Troy Gathers
  165. Tyra Lorraine Kinsey
  166. Tyrone Taylor
  167. Val White
  168. Vee Jones
  169. Veronica Leon
  170. Vincent Jarmon
  171. Virgil Brown
  172. Wayne Williamson
  173. Wesley Wells
  174. Will Christian
  175. Willie Baker
  176. Zeen Baker
  177. Who's Next?

Why do we call ourselves Spartans of the Niner Empire?

1. The 49ers wanted us to. Remember 2012 Jumbotron at Candlestick playing clips from the Spartan 300 movie? Yep they did that and we listened!

2. Bill Walsh was a Spartan! San Jose State:)

3. Spartans wore Red n Gold:) 

4. Spartans Never Quit = Remain Faithful in hard times against extreme adversity

5. Spartans Never Surender = Faithful in 49er DNA! 

6. Since 2012 starting in Candlestick, 49er Fans chant Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh on every 49ers 1st  down announcement. 

7. When we established our Booster Club, we needed an identity, and we chose to be Spartan Niner Fans. It's fun, engaging and full of spirit so Ah OoH to you friend.

8. We started as a new breed of Niner Fan supporting the team AWAY from the Bay with a military style, organized methodology (a few of us were trained with in the U.S. Armed Forces). 

9. Our tailgates are planned with precision and great detail to logistics, location and communications plan so every 49er Fan traveling to an away game can find the party! They don't happen to be off the chain by chance, we design them to be epic, family friendly, safe and memorable.

10. Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh, Ah Ooh!!! It's really fun to do at away games and easy to make some Niner noise in a powerful way.  When your with a group of 49er Fans, just yell "49ers 1st Down" and see/hear what happens next;)

Go Niners!!!


Spartan 49ers Booster Club Membership

US$ 25.00

(US$ 1.50 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Become an official San Francisco 49ers Booster Club Member and Spartan Niner Empire Club Member at once:) Your membership  ensures you’ll be included in our private Facebook group page where we share  what we’re doing, you can share your ideas and learn how to be a part of future events.  

Also signifies you joined an elite group of 49er Tailgaters at Levi and outside of the Bay Area supporting the 49ers "Away, from the Bay". 

Your joining becuase of two reasons, first, you are a Diehard 49er Fan, second, you want to travel to a game soon and want to be a part of a club that is really good at it;) AH OOH~! (Spartans coordinate what games/cities we are targeting per season and travel well together)

Membership is $25 and you'll get a Spartan Niner Empire Member Patch 

when you join.  

We do not have annual dues, but do promote fund drives from time to time for specific events or causes. Your participation is optional but encouraged.

When you donate, please ALSO send us an email introducing yourself and tell us a little about how you became a 49er Fan and what your Facebook Name is too. If you want your picture included on this page, then please send that as well and we'll get you loaded into the group pics too.

Go Niners


US$ 37.00

(US$ 5.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


If you are NOT listed on the Members List above in this page, you can not buy this patch kit.  

With your $37 donation plus $5 for shipping, $42.00 TOTAL, you will receive FOUR patches shown above. (the 3) big ones first, then your personalized year you joined shield patch second.  (We decided we'd pay to embroider them for you so they are consistent looking)

 We should get the big patches the last week of August and then individually ship them out to each of you the first week of September. The small year patch will be the middle of September.

Download the vest build guide document below for information on where to buy the vest and where to have the patches sewn on.

Thanks for your support and GO NINERS!!!! AH OOOH~!!!!

Download Spartan Niner Club Vest Build Guide PDF Here

This is a VERY detailed guide to help you build your Spartan Niner Empire vest. Have Fun!